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About Me

Born in Kahnawake Mohawk Territory, Darlene Kawennano:ron Johnson (Turtle Clan) aka "Diamond Dar" grew up as the oldest of three siblings. Early on, she was designated as the family historian. This is because, ever since she was a child, she always had a camera in her hand or hanging around her neck. This came from her father's love of photography. She built her own dark room and learned to develop film by the age of 16. Darlene even had several pictures printed in the local newspaper. Upon graduating from high school she entered the workforce where photography was always her passion even though she was not employed as a photographer she always was the one with a camera in her hand. Several years later she went to college where she majored in photography. While attending college, she had many of her photos published in the college newspaper as well as articles she wrote as a photojournalist. Upon graduating she began a freelance photography career which lead her into production stills work. "I felt school was teaching me traditional methods, which I fell are important, but I wanted to live outside the box and so I sought out the most challenging of photo gigs" Dar recalls "I love creating vibrant imagery for a commercial shoot. But I also like spending time with a family, creating a memorable portrait. I really have no preference. Every shoot is a unique challenge, with unique possibilities."

Diamond Dar is always open to new projects. No job is too big or too small. Call her today. You won't regret it.

Call today! (907) 223-6866

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